What is Bioresonance?

The principles incorporated in the development of bioresonance are based on scientific advances over the past 100 years in the fields of cell biology, biochemistry, physics and quantum physics.

It is based on the premise that all biochemical reactions in living organisms are operated and regulated by ultra-low electromagnetic frequencies. Healthy cells emit frequencies different to those that have become pathological due to a build-up of toxins, bacteria, parasites, food chemicals, environmental stressors, and geopathic waves. All of these affect your body’s self-regulating processes leaving you vulnerable to disease as can be seen in the barrel effect below.

Bioresonance therapy assists the body to reduce these stresses enabling it to self-regulate once more which leads to drastic and dramatic improvement. It is non-invasive and pain free, making it suitable for babies, children the elderly along with pets and animals.

This therapy is now being used successfully in 85 countries worldwide by doctors, dentists, vets and naturopathic practitioners.

How Bicom Bioresonance works

All living cells and organs contain ‘information’ and emit this information as weak electromagnetic waves.  These waves are picked up and sent to the Bioresonance device which then separates them in to healthy and unhealthy frequencies.

Through a process called modulation healthy frequencies can be boosted and sent back to the body to strengthen normal functions, whilst the unhealthy or harmful frequencies are inverted by 180 degrees before being returned to the body.  The inverted wave that is being sent back has a ”cancelling out” effect on the harmful wave that’s stressing the body’s energetic system. It’s a little bit like a wave from the sea that bounces back from a rock flattening out the next incoming wave.  With each cancelling out effect the intensity of the harmful wave is reduced until it can no longer send out that frequency.

The same electronic principle is used in noise-cancelling headphones. The headphones generate a fingerprint of the noise noting the frequency and amplitude of the incoming wave. They then create a new wave that is 180 degrees out of phase with the waves associated with the noise, cancelling out incoming noise.

Imagine the body were a computer. The body’s computer hardware represents the molecules of the cells while the software represents the electromagnetic oscillatory field. Connecting to the internet results in repeated infection with computer viruses which can disrupt the proper functioning of the hard disk.

Likewise, germs, toxins, pollutants and geopathic stressors cause disruptive programs which lead to physical symptoms. Eliminating the disruptive program with a suitable electromagnetic impulse (i.e. antivirus software) can restore the body’s natural regulation and help the body to recover.

Let’s take the example of a hay fever sufferer. Stored in his body’s cells is the allergy program pollen which causes the impulse to sneeze. If we succeed in deleting this disruptive program with an appropriate counter program (antivirus) then the impulse to sneeze no longer occurs the next time the patient comes in to contact with the pollen.

In summary Bioresonance is classified as a regulatory method of therapy. The body is given an impulse to which it should react. The right impulse triggers a chain of biochemical reactions in the body which activate the organism’s powers of self-healing to take counter measures against the causes of the disorder.

What Conditions Can Bioresonance Help with?

Allergies (hay fever, pet allergies, food intolerances)

Skin disorders

Weight loss therapy

Pain relief

Alcohol and Nicotine addiction

Therapy for wounds and injuries


Sleep disorders

Elimination of toxins and pathogens

Menstrual pain and cramps

Digestive disorders

Low energy levels

PMS and other hormonal disorders

Psychosomatic diseases

Food sensitivities

Plus many more