What do you charge?

Bioresonance Scan £250 (90-minute appointment)

Therapy sessions £90 (60-minute appointments)

Block of 12 session £75 each

Students with a valid NUS card 20% discount

Please note a 50% deposit is required to book any of the services. It is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation less than 3 days prior to the appointment.

What steps are involved in this therapy?

Step 1 – Book a consultation

Step 2 – Fill in the pre consultation form

Step 3 – Undergo the Bicom Bioresonance scan, identify the stressors affecting you.  Establish the therapy protocol. Agree a start time and date.

Step 4 – Therapies start as weekly sessions.

How long does each therapy session last?

Each session is designed to last 60 mins

Are there any side effects?

The bioresonance method has no harmful side effects and is completely pain-free. In some cases, a person may experience detox effects for a short period of time, such as headache, slight nausea or tiredness. Some people feel tired for 24 hours after the therapy session.

These effects can be reduced by drinking plenty of clean, preferably filtered, or low mineral content water to help flush out the toxins.

Any of the above after effects are good signs even if they are a little uncomfortable, as it is evidence of a healing process. Although it may feel like nothing is happening during a therapy session, things are happening on the inside and these signs are an indicator that the body is using the information received from the bio resonance device.

How often do I need a therapy session?

Therapy sessions should be carried out at least once a week

How many therapy sessions are needed?

The number of sessions varies depending on the patient and their symptoms. Sometimes just a few sessions produce a lasting effect. For chronic conditions it is recommended to continue therapy through to at least 12 sessions.

Is Bioresonance based on Science?

Alongside traditional natural sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology other branches of sciences have developed such as quantum physics, Einstein’s theory of relativity, string theory. Science can prove that our universe consists of energy in the form of matter and that all types of energy behave in physical terms both as particles and as oscillating fields.

Many pioneering experiments have now been published showing that cells communicate with one another and their environment by means of ultra-weak signals. Professor Fritz Albert Popp detected electromagnetic oscillation patterns emitted by cells in the form of light particles or light quanta (photons). He called these biophotons. According to his investigations they are essential for cell metabolism to proceed in a regulated manner. More than 10,000 biochemical reactions take place every second in each cell which are ordered in a strictly hierarchical system. Prof Popp states this is due to a superordinate electromagnetic oscillating field that regulates all metabolic processes via biophotons.

Many branches of science are now looking into the unusual properties of water. The behaviour of liquid water differs in every respect from that of other liquids. Water is the only substance that is lighter in its solid state than when liquid. This is why icebergs can float and lakes freeze over from the surface downwards. This is how fish can survive the winter in streams and lakes. Many researchers believe the reason for these anomalies lies in the physical properties of hydrogen bridge type bonds. These bonds allow clusters to be formed, and these clusters have their own specific frequency spectrums that are stored within these structures. These cluster structures can be built up or destroyed through resonance phenomena (Bioresonance) with specific frequencies.

In 1988 Jacques Benveniste along with 10 other scientists published a paper on water’s memory in the scientific journal of Nature. Benveniste concluded that water’s memory and its transfer was in some way related to electromagnetic oscillations. Experiments by Anderson, Reid and Bill demonstrated similar phenomena. Professor C W Smith conducted similar experiments with patients in England. These were people with severe food allergies who reacted with violent symptoms to the slightest amount of their allergen. The allergens were diluted homoeopathically and administered to the patients. It emerged that certain dilution stages triggered allergic reactions whilst other dilutions improved these reactions or caused them to disappear. This effect was even triggered with dilutions beyond 10(23) i.e. where the solutions no longer contained any molecules of the original substance – further proof of the memory of water. Professor Smith repeated these experiments using a frequency generator. It emerged that certain frequencies of the allergen trigger allergic reactions while other frequency ranges can heal these.

What evidence is available?

Within complementary medicine, bioresonance therapy is recognised as an effective tried and tested method. Within conventional medicine, however, bioresonance has not been subject to scientific research and is, therefore, not yet approved despite over 16,000 Bicom® Bioresonance machines being used in over 80 countries worldwide. There are many thousands of testimonials from patients who have related their stories and the results are so profound that educated patients are beginning to demand a more open minded approach. Moreover, thousands of studies have been carried out all over the world including in hospitals in China which provide conclusive proof of the efficacy of this method. Every year white papers are released by medical doctors citing their successes. A network of doctors in Germany have successfully treated over 60,000 cases of allergies and pathological disorders between them. Following a 5 year dispute the high court of Munich was satisfied with the scientific evidence published on the successes of the Bicom. As a result, it is legally permissible to advertise that the Bioresonance method “is able to diagnose and treat allergies”

Does Bioresonance therapy help everyone and with all disorders?

Provided responsive tissue is still present, an improvement can often be brought about in the patient’s condition through bioresonance. Organs and tissues that are destroyed cannot be restored by any method, not even bioresonance.

What type of therapists use the Bicom Bioresonance device?

As of 2019 the latest figures are:

Medical Doctors